I have sold numerous properties in Auckland for Ben Turner over the years, he, his company and his staff have been a breeze to deal with.

They are fast, efficient and professional and he is great at what he does.

Alison Weakley
Multi Award Winning South Auckland Real Estate Agent
group7-Alison Weakley

I have been working Ben Turner and his team for many years staging his properties for sale and it has been a very enjoyable experience.

They are well organised and produce quality renovations. Their communication and professionalism is just on point every time!

If you are considering using Ben, I can highly recommend him and his team.

I met Ben years ago when he was trading apartments in the Auckland CBD and he was a regular columnist in the NZ Property Investor Magazine as their Apartment Specialist.

He is very passionate about property and as such a wealth of property knowledge, he is definitely your go-to-person if you ever needed any property advice!

For a number of years Ben had his own successful Property Management Business and although we were competitors, Ben always maintained professionalism and I know that I can call on Ben at any time.

I have engaged in a number of joint venture projects with Ben and his team. Ben is a passionate and driven property operator. His enthusiasm is contagious.He will persevere until a project is done.

Ben and his team are professional and reliable - they will push the boundaries to navigate obstacles when executing a project.

I have found Ben to be honest, straight forward and upfront.I look forward to future joint venture project opportunities.

I first met Ben Turner when I was a real estate salesperson approximately ten years ago. Although I don't sell real estate personally anymore, we still have a strong professional relationship due to our property related businesses and his ongoing work with my team members.

I have found Ben to be a good honest Kiwi bloke, up front and very straight forward. You will always know what he is thinking because he will tell you loud and clear and he won't sugar coat things. When working with Ben I have always know where I stand.

Matt Shirley
City Apartment Team Manager
group7-Matt Shirley

I am happy to give this Reference / Testimonial for Ben Turner and his Team.

I have been overseeing Ben's in-house accounting team for years now.

It is such a pleasurable experience working alongside someone with such a strong entrepreneurial spirit and drive for the very best in everything.

Myself and my Team will continual to assist, consult and work with Ben and his team, whenever needed for many years to come.

I have known Ben Turner for a number of years through real estate.

He has a solid reputation in the property industry for been good operator, knowledgeable, honest and to the point.

Ben has great communication and negotiation skills.

If you are considering doing any business with Ben, I don't think you could go wrong with him or his company.

Adam Thomson
Real Estate Entrepreneur
group7-Adam Thomson

I have represented Ben Turner and a good number of his Joint Venture (JV) Partners on numerous property transactions since 2008. He is very knowledgeable in the property market and has a can-do, get stuff done attitude, which shows in his success.

I think one of his key attributes would be his ability to negotiate win win solutions.

It has been a pleasure working with Ben and his JV partners for all these years and I foresee many more to come.

I have been a Joint Venture Partner and Funding Partner with Ben Turner on more than fifty property deals over the last decade. I have always believed and trusted in Ben and his team as they have the appropriate skills, resources and experience to execute and deliver, even on the trickiest property projects.

It has been a pleasure partnering with Ben and his team and I am looking forward to many more projects together in the future!

I've been contracting for Ben Turner since 2012. I have found him and his team extremely reliable and organised to work for. Whether you are considering working for Ben or using any of his professional services, I highly recommend Ben Turner and his company as a good operator. Always pay on time and a genuine nice bloke.

We have known Ben since 2015 and we at Architech Designs and Modelling Services Ltd are still providing him with our Architectural design services till today.  He is really quick in getting things sorted and has a great team with him. It is a breeze working with Ben as he is organised, professional and comes up with good ideas.

Most of Ben's projects are exciting and challenging - We look forward to working with him and his team to many more projects in future!

Unsolicited by them, I want to recommend Ben Turner & Jill Stratford from Group 7 to you. I have been very impressed. They have treated the person they bought the nine properties from, with delayed settlement, respectfully and professionally. They have been exemplary in the manner they have treated sitting tenants in the properties. I have seldom had landlords be as respectful and considerate as Ben & Jill have been through complex circumstances at times.

They have been totally fair and even exceptionally accommodating to our nine buyers. And they have been wonderful vendors to me! Far better than many private vendors. I strongly endorse Ben to professional and productive real estate agents. I wish I had had 29 years of vendors as good as Group 7.

Whether you are considering selling to Ben & his team, are a tenant in a property they are buying, or are considering buying a property from them: I am happy to endorse them as very fair and reasonable people to deal with, in my extensive experience.

Colin Kelly
Wellington Supreme Real Estate Salesperson of the year 1998
group7-Colin Kelly

I have known Ben Turner since 2008 and have sold a lot of properties for him. I enjoy working with Ben, he is straight forward, professional and a fast decision maker. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone who is considering using his services for a profitable and exceptional result.

Larissa Tsapko
Property Broker
group7-Larissa Tsapko