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5 tips before selling your home

These 5 tips will provide you with the best possible return on time and money invested when it comes to selling:

1. Painting

Before and after painting walls

You should paint walls and ceilings if they are dirty and dated. Re-staining decks will also make massive difference. A new coat of paint will always make the property looks new and fresh - this first step will not go wrong!

2. Put a stop to all the messiness

We all know it is hard to take out all you favourite things at home. However, if you are able to achieve this, your home will feel a lot bigger and it is a lot more pleasant to the eyes when your buyer walks in. Start by removing all your heavy furniture or unnecessary floor mats and knick-knacks around the house. The simpler it is, the better, but don't be afraid to keep your photos and print on the walls to make the house feeling warm and homely.

Try to furnish your home with neutral colours and if you want to add a bit of colour, keep 1 or 2 furniture with bright colour so it brings a bit of character to the home.

3. Gardening

Your garden needs to look as presentable as possible. You don't want the garden to look messy and 'hard work' to manage as this will be a major turn off to potential buyers. Ensure all trees and are not touching the house and chop off any branches and leaves that are blocking the natural sunlight into the house. Buyers are always attracted to a nice sunny home!

4. Water blasting the exterior

Clean exterior and driveway after a good wash.

Water blasting the house exterior, deck and your driveway will go a long way. A good wash will make your house look a lot cleaner and fresher. Buyers will get turn off if they see moulds on the wall. A good wash will take those gross mould and unwanted spider webs around the house.

5. Home staging

Before & after staging home

We understand that this will cost a little bit of money to hire furniture. However, home staging will help buyers imagine how they could furnish the home even if it is in a small space. Most people cannot imagine the use of space or will shy away from old-fashioned and big bulky furniture. The home stager will even co-ordinate the colours of your wall and carpet so your home will have an awesome final look! Staging your property with a professional home stager can go a long way and generate a couple of more thousands in your final sale price.